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Australian Group Healings

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You will receive an Australian phone number and access code to participate in
Trust in Miracles telephone group healing calls by email after registering for the call.

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Telephone Group Healing Calls

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A word from Renée:

I received wonderful feedback in 1995 after I was invited to do my first radio show in Phoenix, Arizona. Doreen Virtue introduced me to Dr Frank Baranowski, a Radio Talk Show Host for KTAR 620 AM. She told him about her successes with our sessions and suggested Frank have me on his show. Frank interviewed me and requested his listeners call in for a brief session. During the show, a young man called with the story of how he had been hit from behind while riding a motorcycle, suffering disabling multiple injuries. Uncomfortable with the methods of conventional medicine, he procrastinated undergoing the advised surgery to alleviate his condition. When he called, he said he was still limping and having a very tough time sitting or standing. Since the show format allowed only twelve minutes between commercials and we would only be able to take a few calls, it occurred to me to recommend that any other listeners suffering from similar symptoms also do what I suggested to the young man: lie down and be willing to surrender to the Creator and The Universe of Emmanuel, a timeless realm of unconditional love. This was a little cocky on my part, I admit, since I had no idea what could be accomplished in terms of a mass healing, much less one conducted over the radio, but Emmanuel had nudged me in this direction, so I decided to trust in the outcome and go for it.

To my gratification, the young man got all the results he could have hoped for, claiming he was stretching comfortably, touching his toes, doing side bends and twisting his body every which way, all painlessly. Immediately afterwards, a woman called in who was unable to forgive her father for childhood abuse. She also expressed her gratitude after her 12 minute call. I happened to notice tears going down the checks of the sound man through the glass window that was separating us. He hugged me after the show was over stating he also released a huge amount of suppressed anger and resentment he had with his father for over 30 years. He called me a couple of days later and said the energy was still releasing and he felt "light and free". He also said the challenges he had been having with his wife miraculously disappeared even though he wasn't thinking about his wife during the healing.
A few days after my return to Los Angeles I received a call from Frank telling me the station had received an overwhelming amount of feedback from almost thirteen hundred listeners, who claimed they received benefits from the 12 minute sessions.

This experience gave me the confidence to move forward, knowing that my alignment with the Divine and the Universe of Emmanuel could help large groups of people simultaneously. Since then I have addressed thousands of people at a time.

The accumulated energy can be extraordinary under these circumstances. We all seem to get carried away on a wavelength of joy, love and harmony with All That Is -- perhaps because everyone’s guides and angels are also present, joyously and exponentially adding to the results.

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"I am honored to share the telephone group healing experience I had with Renée. I trust that in my sharing of this experience others can have a better understanding of the potentially profound benefits. Please understand that what I experienced is beyond common vocabulary to express, but I will do my best.

Renée is an extraordinary facilitator! As she began the session and brought us into the Universe of Emmanuel, I felt powerful energy rise and surge through my physical body. There were times when this energy grew so intense it felt as if someone had a "dial" and was "turning it up" in degrees of power.

When she requested the release of adverse energies, I could feel the rush of their departure and the subsequent lift of my Being. (It even seemed as if the energy flows resonated more or less powerfully depending on the words she spoke.)

Healing Vibration entered through my feet, moving up my legs and spine into my head, before dispersing throughout my body. I then experienced a lot of activity in my body -- from humming, buzzing, energy surges, muscle twitches, feelings of lightness or heaviness, and even slight paralysis at one point!

After the session completed I felt tired in a strange way -- different than a normal tired -- as if I as a being just had a strenuous workout and was now resetting to a new vibration. I woke the next morning with stiffness, which is rare for me. I also was not very hungry throughout the day and only desired light foods. By the following day I felt buoyant and light! Joyful, perky, and bright!

Renée is a very dear, sweet and beautiful woman, extraordinarily talented and gifted in her work. How fortunate are we to have such a lady grace our presence? We are blessed, indeed!!!

I believe that as she takes us up to the Universe of Emmanuel we enter into a high frequency that can no longer hold the lower emotional vibrations of disharmony, such as fear, anger, hatred, judgement, et al. This allows us to shed and clear away that which is not in alignment with our true selves - allowing for our essence of pure positive energy, love and harmony to abound :)

And as for the imprinted water we calibrated at the end of the session ... It tastes sweet to me and I feel a lift when I drink it!

So much love to Renée, God Creator and the Universe for the allowing of this possibility!"

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"When we came out of the group healing, I had, by far, the best feeling I think I've ever felt in my life!"

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"Renée, you help bring all of us closer to the place within us that God resides. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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"Renée Swisko has a tremendous gift. It was her telephone group healing sessions that helped me gain clarity and go back into healthcare as a psychiatrist in a "healthy" way.

I have been able to remain centered, balanced and clear, knowing that if I was in the same positions a few years ago, I would have gotten "burned out." After several group healing sessions, I can only say that I have found the results to be cumulative to help maintain balance and calmness during stressful times.

Renée teaches that when we are vulnerable or are exposed to, or personally use, drugs, medication or alcohol, we can attract energies that can stay with us and contribute to fatigue, anxiety, confusion, irritability and depression to name a few.

As a physician, (and growing up in the 60's..:-) even though I never personally took most of the drugs and medications that Renée clears, they were in my energy field as a result of working with and/or being exposed to others who were using them. After a couple of sessions that focused specifically on these energies, I felt significantly clearer, lighter and happier.

One of my friends, who was on a previous group call, did not realize that living with someone who drank alcohol was impacting on her and she felt significantly better after the session."

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"I can't thank you enough for letting ,e know about Renée. I slept extremely well after our telephone group healing and awoke in a calm and refreshed state. That committee in my head is gone!!! Hallelujah!!!"

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"I believe I have been addicted to sugar and chocolate all my life. I've tried every diet and gimmick on the market to handle this addiction, but none of them worked.

During Renée's group session, I was overwhelmed by the energy she raised - the extraordinary sense of love and well-being. I felt the angels with their huge wings enfold me and was awed by their immense power. When she asked that all stuck and trapped energy be released, I felt it fly out of my throat chakra.

The next morning, I woke up with a craving for unsweetened yogurt. I'm now eating salads and fresh vegetables instead of hamburgers and cookies. I thought I was going to get more willpower; I never dreamed I would be completely reprogrammed.

Through Renée, God has granted me a miracle. I have been profoundly changed. Deep within, I know that my addiction to sweets and chocolate has ended. I am so grateful ."

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"I am experiencing Extreme Bliss. I could really feel the energy moving through me and felt an enormous vibration shift after the sessions."

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"I have had profound experiences of release. I felt as if I was shedding a skin. I feel very well, at peace, not as much mental chatter or negative thoughts."

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"Dear Renée

You did a masterful job in your telephone group healing. It's clear you've had so much experience, and yet you come across as humble.

My experience felt like a multidimensional acupuncture. Hot energy moving everywhere. I loved it!

All my bodies seemed in sinc and vibrated in harmony. It was so soothing. How could there not be healing at various levels with that kind of attunement to the Divine.

Thanks so much for this wonderful experience."

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"I can’t begin to thank you for your kindness, knowledge, expertise, healing, and above all, the Light you have shone forth in our group sessions. Years of embedded pain and stress have lifted and I feel like a new person! It is nothing short of a miracle!

It is wonderful to feel so free! Now I can experience life as it is meant to be."

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"Renee, your healing session was great! I so needed it and came at the right time. It's great that so many are able to partake of your healing gifts. Everything was perfect: your voice, phrasing, words, and affirmations. Your integrity and your Divine Connection shone through. You truly are a gift to a world."

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" I am experiencing an inner peace I have never known!"

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"Wow! Mind blowing experiences!"

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"I had several feelings like a cleansing experience from negative emotions, an awaking and becoming aware of my emotions."

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"Renée, thank you so much for helping me Become who I really am. I Love You!"

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"My heart palpitations have stopped!"

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" Last year I got a virus that caused a paralysis on my left shoulder and arm. It was extremely painful and I had to take a lot of very strong pain medication to deal with it. Despite a surgery and physical therapy three times a week for six months, I still had restricted motion and pain. And even though I had stopped taking the medication six months earlier, I did not feel like myself---I felt "monotone' and even though I tried really hard to be cheerful, I simply could not feel joy.

After the group healing, the first thing I noticed was that I was laughing all the time, just like I used to before I got sick. I felt--and still do almost two months later---filled with joy and sunshine. And, very slowly, after a few weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in the range of motion in my shoulder and arm!! To say I am elated is an understatement!!!

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"I just wanted to thank you for the healing sessions you recently did with our group. I really do feel that a healing took place in me, on a deep emotional level.

Since the sessions, I have found that I am more centered, more calm in the face of various challenges and it is much easier to quiet my mind and sleep at night. You know that expression, "love yourself, be your own friend?" That has always been a challenge for me. I am a goal-oriented person, and can be self-critical.
One of the healing effects from the sessions is that now it's easier to give myself a break, and have a lighter heart about any problems that come along.

I've had many positive influences in the last year, but your sessions definitely opened my heart up to be able to receive more. I am much happier inside, much more free and flexible about the future, and much less anxious and driven. I was a positive person before, but now it is much deeper. Rather than talking myself into being positive (because I know it is the right thing to do) the positivity now seems to simply come from deep in my heart, not just my mind. It is a big shift and a deeply joyful one... I did not expect this.

All I can say is, Renee, THANK YOU for what you do. It is a wonderful gift!"

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" I participated in Renée’s telephone group healing session and am pleased to report good news! Long story short, I had been struggling with a locking hip since falling while rollerblading last August. I felt a change immediately at the end of the session that night and had a chance to test my range of motion the following morning in Pilates class. My range of motion is not limited and I don't feel the "catch" in my joint anymore. Time to start rollerblading again!"

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I thought Renée was wonderful - I'd started out feeling anxious, fear-filled etc - and had some pain in my I got deeper into the healing, all these tics left serenity continues even today...please extend my gratitude to her.

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"Michael and I are really enjoying the tele-healing series. It is very different from any other energy healing experience. I would love to attend one of your live weekend seminars."

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"After the group healing .... I felt clearer and lighter in my head. I felt even more connected with positive energy."

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"After last night's session, my head is really clear and I slept so much better. I woke up refreshed instead of feeling yucky. At night before I go to sleep, I will ask the Universe to put me in the frequency you brought us to just like in our session."

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"During our group sessions, I'd often feel that there was pushing and pulling in the form of pressure throughout my body. On one occasion I felt I was a meteorite zooming back to earth as you released us. Usually the day after each session I'd feel euphoric. I have since noticed several blockages have fully released.
I feel that all other aspects of my life have improved, especially my relationship with my daughter. I would like to say I am 100% better but I know life is a journey and I have a lot to learn yet. However, I feel the energy flowing again. Prior to our sessions I felt like backwater, stagnant and tired. I now feel as though the windows are open and a fresh breeze blowing through me."

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"Renée left me with a gift of healing".

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"It was a JOY to hear you again on your telephone group healing. I feel a definite release of tensions. My heart had been filled with sadness in light of the tragedy of Sept. 11. Your phone call was truly a gift from God!"

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The Telephone Group Healing Event was a marvelous service to all of us, and very much needed!

I had not realized on a conscious level that I was indeed responding negatively to the events of Sept. 11. Then I received your beautiful session with Emmanuel. You mentioned over 300 people were on the line. The gift of connection to Spirit and our Angels were quite powerful. The energy and strength I felt this morning was a dramatic shift for me. I also had a wonderful dream of a rocket trip to the moon. Very empowering!

Renée, your gifts are so great, It’s exciting to be able to afford weekly group sessions, and knowing so many others will be able to participate.

I am SO grateful to you for the marvelous gift of last night!!!!!

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"You were even more amazing than usual for this Sunday's call. I have been very calm and positive today, despite some difficult situations that I have to deal with at the moment. I have tried the call now on the speaker phone and with a headphone and the experience was much stronger with the headphone. Thank you for all your hard and miraculous work to heal us all."

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"I participated in a telephone group healing series with Renée Swisko, which resulted in the beginning of some remarkable changes in my life. During these sessions, “abundance,” or lack thereof, was addressed along with many other subjects. Not long afterwards, I had a private session with Renée during which anger was an important issue, this being anger stored at a cellular level due to forgotten incidents that had occurred anywhere in the past.

I knew I was feeling stagnant in my life and wanted to get involved in a career path now that my little girl was older.

After working with Renée, I happened to get back in touch with a friend I hadn’t spoken to for seven years. Up until then I had wanted nothing to do with her due to the anger I still felt concerning some real estate business between us in the past. If I happened to run into her I would just turn away and pretend I didn’t see her.

After my session with Renee, I had no problem with her at all. To my amazement, THE ANGER HAD COMPLETELY VANISHED even though we didn’t specifically address her in our session. In fact, suddenly we were friendly again to the point where she recommended me as a partner to a mutual friend, someone she was quite close to, who has been very successful in real estate. He liked her idea so much that out of two hundred agents working in Coronado, CA, he chose me to work with him.

Now he and I have been selling houses together and it’s been incredible for us financially. Between us we’ve been closing a couple of very high-end real estate deals a month despite the current low market. And isn’t it ironic that the friend I was so angry with was a catalyst for my current success.

I can’t pinpoint just how it all happened as I’m new to the kind of work Renée does, but I don’t have any other explanation except my private and group sessions with her for how things have turned out. My anger in every area of my life seemed to lift away and I somehow attracted all this good into my life."

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