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The Potential

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The Infinite Power of Loving Intelligence, pulsing with the purifying
light of Creation, can penetrate deeply into your subconscious, cellular levels, and multidimensional energy fields, thus allowing
accelerated healing to take place.


  • Physical energy and vitality
  • Personal freedom and integrity
  • Emotional balance: enhancing love, trust & intimacy
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Expanded awareness and perception
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Empowerment to manifest success and abundance
  • Creating harmonious environments
  • Enhanced intuitive and healing power
  • Co-creation with the Divine
  • The exquisite stillness of being

Renee’s sessions free us to access our divine selves, restoring our power to create, so we can be, do and have in life all that makes our hearts sing. 

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"A session with Renée Swisko is a unique healing experience. Renée has the ability to assist you in making profound positive changes. She is a fabulous healer!"

Louise L. Hay,
Best-selling author: You Can Heal Your Life

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"Renée has a remarkable ability to help people work through difficult situations and remove blocks to creativity and potential."

Joan Borysenko,
Ph.D., Best-selling author:
The Power of the Mind to Heal

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"In one hour over the phone, Renée healed a negative lifelong pattern regarding my prosperity that I had internalized from both my parents. The shift occurred immediately and I felt a great sense of deservability regarding money. The avalanche of increased business that occurred immediately afterward changed my life." 

Robert Kirby,

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I contacted Renee Swisko because I had an acoustic neuroma, which causes hearing loss and affects your balance. It effects every movement you make all day long.  I would walk down the street looking like I was drunk.   An acoustic neuroma grows in your inner ear and presses on the nerves.  It grows very slowly, but as it gets bigger it presses against your brain.  It doesn’t grow into your brain - it‘s self-contained - but it puts pressure on your brain.

I went through a course of radiation treatment, which will not destroy the tumor, but possibly prevent it from growing larger.  They said that the best I could hope for immediately was that it would stop growing, but it would probably take up to 4 years to decrease in size, if at all.  My health care team told me to be patient, that we should be happy if it stops growing.

I had radiation a year ago in March 2008, with another MRI scheduled a year later.  During and 10 months after the radiation treatment, I didn’t notice any difference.  As a matter of fact, they cut the treatment short because I was getting so sick.  I was having motion sickness and they wanted to put me on seasick pills.
That’s when I decided to try a session with Renee.  I noticed an immediate difference in my balance.  When I went for the follow-up MRI, a month after our one session, it showed that not only had the neuroma stopped growing, it had actually shrunk. Everyone at the cancer clinic was very excited about it because it is quite a rare thing for the tumor to stop growing so quickly, let alone shrink.  And all this in one year!  We will continue to monitor via MRI.
What a change in my life! Shortly after my session with Renee, I stopped walking into things and could walk down the stairs, one foot after another.  I don’t have to lean against something or walk sideways when I walk down the stairs.   I don’t bump into doorframes or walls, and I can bend over and pick things up without tipping over.  It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a big deal. It’s something that you take for granted, but when you can’t walk a straight line and bump into things all the time, it’s more than just an inconvenience.  I’ve had bruises all over my body from bumping into things so much.  
I didn’t know what to expect in my session with Renee. She explained the energetic connections she felt I had with my mother when she was alive as a depressed alcoholic and even after she passed.  Even after her passing this energy had been interfering in every area of my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being.  After the one 4-hour session, I felt so relieved, like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders!    I no longer had bad feelings towards my mom and just felt like an electrical cord between the two of us had been dissolved.   I had always thought I was a bad person and would be punished, but now I’m seeing this was never even my own thoughts or beliefs.  I am able to create some distance to take an honest look at my mother - the good things and the not-so good.  I am noticing I am disconnected from my mother’s patterns (tapes) and I am so much more myself, no longer feeling her emotions and negative beliefs.  I do not want to repeat her mistakes or become the effect of them.  I am now appreciating all of her positive attributes and no longer reacting to the negative and feel very energized to move forward.
Surprisingly, seemingly unrelated things started to change.  I stopped procrastinating and just started handling the things in my life that I had been putting off.  It feels really good and I am so hopeful of having a bright future!

I am eternally grateful!  Thank you so much.

Suzanne Garcia

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I participated in a group healing series with Renée Swisko, which resulted in the beginning of some remarkable changes in my life.  During these sessions, “abundance,” or lack thereof, was addressed along with many other subjects. Not long afterwards, I had a private session with Renée during which anger was an important issue, this being anger stored at a cellular level due to forgotten incidents that had occurred anywhere in the past. 
I knew I was feeling stagnant in my life and wanted to get involved in a career path now that my little girl was older.

After working with Renée, I happened to get back in touch with a friend I hadn’t spoken to for seven years. Up until then I had wanted nothing to do with her due to the anger I still felt concerning some real estate business between us in the past.  If I happened to run into her I would just turn away and pretend I didn’t see her. 

After my session with Renee, I had no problem with her at all. To my amazement, THE ANGER HAD COMPLETELY VANISHED even though we didn’t specifically address her in our session.  In fact, suddenly we were friendly again to the point where she recommended me as a partner to a mutual friend, someone she was quite close to, who has been very successful in real estate. He liked her idea so much that out of two hundred agents working in Coronado, CA, he chose me to work with him. 
Now he and I have been selling together for over a year and it’s been incredible for us financially. Between us we’ve been closing a couple of very high-end real estate deals a month despite the current low market. And isn’t it ironic that the friend I was so angry with was a catalyst for my current success.  
I can’t pinpoint just how it all happened as I’m new to the kind of work Renée does, but I don’t have any other explanation except my private and group sessions with her for how things have turned out. My anger in every area of my life seemed to lift away and I somehow attracted all this good into my life.

MaryJo Morgan
Realtor, California

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For 3 years I was unsuccessful in my attempts to sell my apartment at Trump International in New York City. I then was introduced to Renee Swisko through a mutual friend. The week following a short session with Renee in my home in Los Angeles, my apartment in New York sold for the price I was asking.

Arnold Kopelson
Academy Award Winner Motion Picture Producer

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Dear Renée,

I want to tell how pleased I am with the results of the space clearing you did on my office. I was surprised when you told me the area was "occupied" by others who were not paying rent and that they had negative type energy emissions.

Ever since I moved into my office about 2-1/2 years ago I have become extremely tired mid afternoon. Nothing helped to alleviate this. I know it is not connected with lunch as I have worked very hard to arrange my diet to avoid the foods that create afternoon sleepiness for me. I also have noticed that I do not feel this way when I am out of my office. So I chalked this problem up to being in front of the computer all day.

Imagine my delight when following your work, I was no longer tired in the afternoon. This outcome has continued since you were here and is more than a month at this writing.

Warmest Regards,

Larry Gust
Environmental Consultant, California


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