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The Issues

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  • Physical health challenges
  • Feeling stuck and trapped
  • Depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Suppressed anger, fear and guilt
  • Relationship problems
  • Distrust of self, others and outcomes
  • Addictions, compulsions and phobias
  • Career and financial insecurities
  • Environmental Disruptions
  • Self-sabotage and compromised integrity

Imagine yourself to be a very powerful 1,000-watt light bulb, collecting a lifetime of dust, dirt and bugs. How much light do you think is going to shine through the debris? What if the light is your divine birthright and you are unable to access it? Ideally, we should all be shining our brightest. This is where Renee can help.

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After one session with Renee Swisko, I shed 50 pounds in 3 months. I went on to lose a total of 75 pounds. I had been on many "diets" before, but this time it was different. The session with Renee helped me to stay on the program and not quit. That session made the difference, for me, between success and just another attempt.

Dr. Jim Wilmert


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For 3 years I was unsuccessful in my attempts to sell my apartment at Trump International in New York City. I then was introduced to Renee Swisko through a mutual friend. The week following a short session with Renee in my home in Los Angeles, my apartment in New York sold for the price I was asking.

Arnold Kopelson
Academy Award Winner Motion Picture Producer

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Dear Renée,

I am writing to you to express my sincerest appreciation for the telephone session you and I had together six months ago.  My friend Matthew Ferry recommended calling you after I learned that my youngest daughter was involved in a practice of “cutting” her wrist.  As a parent, this was devastating.

I asked if you could help her and instead you suggested giving me a session.  I didn’t understand how helping me would ultimately help my daughter. You explained that my daughter could be unconsciously taking on my stresses along with my alcohol energy, and ‘acting out’ via cutting.

My sister understood my issues with alcohol dependence and had even offered to pay for months of treatments. Fortunately she didn’t have to.

 I never expected as a benefit from our one session a complete disinterest in alcohol. Despite stressful situations and ample opportunities to be triggered, I have had no desire to begin drinking again. Where did the desire go? 

I spoke with my sister two days after our telephone session. After talking to me she commented, "I can tell you've shifted and you're back to the Kevin I knew ten years ago".  A few days later I ran into some friends and they both said, "Kevin, what did you do?  You look so different."
Since the day of my session with you six months ago, my daughter has stopped ALL cutting.  Her mother and I have been in complete awe of her transformation.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so
On behalf of my family I wanted you to know how appreciative we are for your help.
Kevin Loberg
Realtor, Canada

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Dear Renée,

Since meeting you just a little over a month ago, I have been totally amazed and in awe at what you have done for me and others I know. You somehow have the ability to directly remove known and unknown patterns that lie at the core of specific mental, physical and emotional blocks, hurts and fixations.

What you are able to do is beyond what I have ever heard of anyone doing. In fact, although I have explained my experiences with you to others, they also could not imagine or understand how powerful the process is until they experienced it themselves. Perhaps what is even more amazing is that you do not need to be in person with someone, but are as effective over the phone.

You have successfully removed very deep hurts and conflicts that I have carried all my life--some of which I was not even aware of until you put me in touch with them. After several weeks since my sessions with you, I can truly say the sense I have is that they have been permanently removed from me down to a cellular and genetic level. The sense of 'freedom is fantastic.

There quite simply are not words strong enough to express my deep appreciation for what you have, been able to do for me, and the gratitude I feel for your presence on this earth and for what you are doing for so many.

Jonathan Parker, Ph.D., CEO
Quantum Quests International

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Renée is a powerful healer with pure intent. She has mastered the art of mind body healing using alternative methods. She works with the interplay between one's belief systems and lack of forgiveness toward others and self as it affects holding patterns within the physical and etheric body.

In one three hour session the symptoms of a seven year liver disorder were virtually erased and have not returned as of this writing four weeks hence. In another one hour session the symptoms of TMJ were relieved to about 80% of what I formerly experienced.

Although I do not fully "understand" the process being utilized, I fully endorse Renée's work as one with much promise for medicine, deserving scientific inquiry.

Linda W. Peterson, RN, MN, Ph.D.
Associate Proffessor, University of Nevada
Marriage and Family Counselor


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