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To see full testimonials, click on the links below. For shorter testimonials, just scroll down the page. Longer versions of the short testimonials are available if there is a letter icon next to the name.



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"A session with Renée Swisko is a unique healing experience. Renée has the ability to assist you in making profound positive changes. She is a fabulous healer!"

Louise L. Hay,
Best-selling author: You Can Heal Your Life

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....Thank you for the profound healing! My friends say that I look five years younger since our session.....and I feel about a hundred pounds lighter in my soul.

In just one and one-half hours, you scraped away years of pain and garbage from my past. I felt you lifting old anger and judgments I had unknowingly held toward my father. During your session, I forgave myself for some past mistakes. I am at peace.

Most profound of all is this: during our session, my mother and fiancé had parallel experiences. As I was healing my judgments about my fiancé's spiritual path, he was at home thinking about his spiritual path. As I was healing my judgments about my mother's father, my mother was at home -- at the same moment as our session -- in a meditative state, working on forgiveness toward her father!

You were instrumental in healing emotional pain in myself and my family. Renée, you are truly a remarkable healer, and the world is fortunate to have access to your gifts.

With deep gratitude,

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., Best-selling author: The Light Worker's Way

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"My urine pH the morning of my session with Renée Swisko registered at a very low and acidic 6.0 on the litmus pH testing paper. It was probably so low due to some stress I had gone through with my kids.

After my session with Renée it measured at 8.0. I was amazed. That's a 100x increase. Now that is visible physical proof of what occurs during Renée's healing sessions. What this shows is that Renée somehow lifted the vibration of the auric field of my body and as a result of that my pH count went up. What does this mean to me? It means that I can heal faster, I can assimilate nutrients (i.e., minerals) more efficiently, and so on. This is due to the fact that when one's pH is high the electrical function of the body is improved and it is the electrical function of the body that does the healing."

 Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh

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Renée Swisko is a powerful healer with pure intent. She has mastered the art of mind body healing using alternative methods. She works with the interplay between one's belief systems and lack of forgiveness toward others and self as it affects holding patterns within the physical and etheric body.

In one three hour session the symptoms of a seven year liver disorder were virtually erased and have not returned as of this writing four weeks hence. In another one hour session the symptoms of TMJ were relieved to about 80% of what I formerly experienced.

Although I do not fully "understand" the process being utilized, I fully endorse Renée's work as one with much promise for medicine, deserving scientific inquiry.

 Linda W. Peterson, RN, MN, Ph.D. gold bar
Associate Professor, University of Nevada
Marriage and Family Counselor

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"Renée has a remarkable ability to help people work through difficult situations and remove blocks to creativity and potential."  

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Bestselling author: The Power of the Mind to Heal 

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"Renée Swisko has the ability over the telephone to remove known and unknown (unwanted) patterns that lie at the core of one's being. I truly believe that, through her healing techniques, my physical, mental and emotional blocks, hurts and fixations have been permanently removed down to a cellular and genetic level. The sense of freedom is fantastic!"

 Jonathan Parker , Ph.D., CEO, Quantum Quests International gold bar

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"Two weeks after some elective surgery, I entertained a group of women and at the end of the evening, I was feeling uncomfortable and my energy level was low. The day before, I had hit my nose on my garage door and that added to my discomfort.

Renée asked if she could help me and I thought, why not? Although I came from an open place as to what might happen, I didn’t really think I’d feel very different. Sitting across from me about six feet away, Renée worked on me for about 20 minutes. As I looked at her and listened to her voice, I found myself feeling very light, kind of like floating. The most astonishing sensation was feeling as if things were being pulled out of my head. I never felt anything like that before.

I suddenly heard the voice of a friend sitting next to Renée, exclaim, “Did you see that stuff coming out of her mouth?” It happened in a second and then it was gone. Other women in the room saw a dramatic change in my face and said the redness and swelling completely disappeared. Many felt a personal healing as Renée worked with me and they felt a shift of energy in my living room. Everyone was awestruck about what was happening.

Afterwards, my discomfort was totally gone! There was a powerful sense of tranquility permeating my being and at the same time, I felt energized. That night I slept really well, better than I had in weeks and I felt back to my old self after that."

Barbara Goldberg
Marketing Consultant

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"I have worked with Renée on four occasions over the last 8 years. Each session had its' own unique brand of healing. Over the years, the healing that she performed on me has helped change my life so much that I do not recognize my old life. My first session with her was the most profound experientially. I could actually feel my spirit / soul being lifted out of my body and purged of entities and elements that no longer worked for me in my life...things that may have helped me survive but were no longer appropriate to who I was becoming and, ultimately, who I am. I can say without reservation, that it felt like being touched by God. It was and is a remarkable experience, certainly a healing experience...individually and collectively, we clearly need a lot of that!"

Ron Burrus
Media Marketing Executive

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I'm feeling different in myself these last couple of days. Remember what you were saying to me about sugar? Well, I decided that I would just finish off some Fromage Frais that I had in the fridge, before cutting sugar out of my diet (it seemed a pity to waste them). I ought to point out that I loved these desserts. Not any more. I took just one mouthful and they were so sickly sweet I couldn't believe it. I tried another, just to check that I hadn't imagined it and nearly gagged on it. I was very nearly sick. Can you believe it? It was just amazing. Somehow, sugar seems to have lost its appeal in the most dramatic way.

Russel-Oliver Brooklands

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"As a result of abuse that occurred when I was a child, I lived with deep blocks that were always in my way of my potential illuminations. These blocks were primal and very damaging to my health. After one phone session with Renée the false conclusions I had made about my life's potential and the resulting limiting behaviors were removed." 

Barbara Hand Clow, Publisher, Bear & Company 
Best-selling author: The Pleiadian Agenda

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I had been searching to find ways to suppress my recurring outbreaks of Herpes, but nothing seemed to help at all until I found you. In one session, you addressed the virus that had been causing me so much aggravation and discomfort, and eradicated it.

Here's the big news. Since that session, a year and a half ago, I have not had a single recurrence of Herpes! NOTHING! I wonder if you can imagine how this has changed my life. I am no longer consumed with fear, wondering when the next episode might occur or anticipating how inconvenienced I would be. Now it's gone -- completely gone -- thanks to you.

anonymous gold bar

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I just wanted to let you know what an incredible difference our session a week ago has made already in my life! One of the two main areas we concentrated on was my lifelong obsession, almost addiction, with sweets, especially and primarily chocolate. After our last session, I finished a few Halloween miniatures of Snickers that were in the house, almost as a test; I really did not want them; I almost had to force myself and they really did not taste good. I can tell by my clothes and the way my body looks I have lost at least 10 pounds. This truly is a miracle for me, and I can feel in my heart it is a permanent change.

Beverly Fuller, R.N.

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I felt a deep warmth in my solar plex (where I’ve felt stuck for years). Renée is a pure example of deep unconditional love.

Elizabeth Keady

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My experience with Renée was beautiful. I came to see her when I was very depleted on all levels. When the session was closing I felt as if ten suits of armor fell off my body through the floor. I was free -- light.  

Debra Gowlah, Film Editor

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Hi Renée:

I have had a big problem with tendonitis in both arms for years, but since your group healing workshop there has been no pain, no tenderness, nothing. I had gotten so used to it that it took me a day or so to realize that the pain was truly, completely gone. I am thrilled!

I truly appreciate your commitment to share yourself and your gifts with us.

Hollace Wood

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My bulimia is gone....The thoughts of eating to throw up don't occur anymore. I am not badgered with the abstinence cravings, my mind is no longer flooded with thoughts of obsession. I still love to eat, and am not dieting or avoiding the items I used to binge on. I just don't feel the same anymore. I no longer feel the stresses that I assumed were just part of me or of everyone.

Actress gold bar

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Renée is a true miracle worker! With love and patience, she exorcised spirits and released my subconscious connection with the house I was trying to sell for two and a half years. Not one person made an offer to buy the house in that time. The house was sold ten days after Renée was there. I also had severe migraine headaches and neck and back problems from a car accident. I had one and a half years of chiropractic care and physical therapy with no relief. Thanks to Renée, after her first visit, the pain is completely gone! " 

Anne Roberts, Actress

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"After my first session with Renée, I felt an immediate change in my "relationship" with drinking. Now, after 4 sessions with Renée, I no longer crave alcohol. In fact, I am actually going through entire days without even thinking about (it). I am amazed that I can break a 20 year dependency in such a short time and with so little effort." 

Film Producer gold bar

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"In one hour over the phone, Renée healed a negative lifelong pattern regarding my prosperity that I had internalized from both my parents. The shift occurred immediately and I felt a great sense of deservability regarding money. The avalanche of increased business that occurred immediately afterward changed my life."

Robert Kirby, Therapist/Lecture

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In our sessions, you removed layers of negative energies accumulated from years of alcohol and drug abuse; you released my patterns of attracting destructive and abusive relationships; you also completely cured me of the chronic neck pain that had caused major migraines for years. WOW!

I am truly graced and honored to have had the opportunity to receive these healings from you. Again, you have simply changed my life.

Tom Shoner, Architect

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Dear Renée,

I just wanted to contact you to let you know how appreciative I am of the change you have made in my life.

Immediately after we had completed our session, I felt ten years younger as if years of stress had been washed away. I now have a new and much brighter perspective on life. I no longer hear the negative voice of fear and doubt. I can clearly see my goal and know that I will achieve it. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you and experience this amazing miracle. Thank you for lifting my spirits and showing me what potential this life has to offer.

Jill Salisbury, Chicago, Ill.

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I so enjoyed sharing an evening with you at Transitions Bookstore in Chicago and wanted to share my experience with you. During your healing session I had the most sweeping emotional charge that left me breathless for a few moments. The euphoric feeling of a million orgasms occurred and it brought me to tears. As soon as the feeling left I felt what I've heard near death survivors speak of, they become angry they have to come back because they don't want to leave the love of the light. I believe that is what I experienced with you and your Angels.

Thank you so very much and God bless you,

Bridgette Avet

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"I had my first session with Renée Swisko two weeks ago. I didn’t know what to expect and I’m thrilled with the outcome.By the end of the session, deep-seated rage that I’d been contending with for nearly forty years had vanished and has not come back!

Chronic depression of as many years also lifted, making it effortless for me to maintain good posture, whereas slumped shoulders had been the best I could manage while feeling so low. Now I feel so calm and joyous and energetic!

During the session, Renée also “released” something in my left shoulder area. After the session, I noticed as I got into my car that my left shoulder area didn’t hurt as I maneuvered to get in and remove The Club off the steering wheel. That area had been hurting for the past two years. And the pain has not come back!

I’m so grateful for all that Renée accomplished in just one session.

Kelly Burke

gold bar end a day feeling pure joy, hope and love…speaks volumes for Renée’s abilities.

Melodee Crawford

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My father died April 15, one year ago to the day I met Renée Swisko.  I couldn’t let him go. I’ve always been a drinker but that year I spiraled and was totally out of control. I drank excessively. I had black outs and fell numerous times.  I’d wake up with bruises and didn’t know where I got them.   My husband offered to send me to any rehab facility and I refused to go. He threatened to leave me.

Meeting you Renée on April 15th was no accident.  It was as though my father sent me to you. After our first session two months ago I let my father go peacefully. He is still with me but I am no longer depressed and obsessed.  I don’t even think about wine or vodka and I don’t have to live at AA meetings.

I have my life back and get to wake up in the morning with no hang overs.  My family and I are so grateful to you  for your healing gift.

Shannon Galama - Calif


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